Join us as we celebrate the 11th Annual Spelman College Leadership and Women of Color Conference by recognizing the international accomplishments of women of color from 2004 to 2015. We will examine effective leadership strategies, explore working in diverse environments and discuss how to create healthy lifestyles and communities.

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Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, Ph.D. President, Spelman College
Dr. Jane E. Smith, Ed.D. Executive Director, LEADS at Spelman
Doris Truong Multimedia Award-Winning Journalist
Shelly Jones Jennings Vice President, Digital for Earl G. Graves, Ltd.
Kimberly Bryant Founder, Black Girls Code
Lauren Wesley Wilson President, ColorComm Inc.
Jacqui Chew Founder/CEO, iFusion Marketing
Kathryn Finney Founder and Managing Director of Digital Undivided (DID)
Ayoka Chenzira, Ph.D. Spelman College division chair for arts and humanities Founder and director of the Spelman Digital Moving Image Salon
Harold Bell Director of Spelman College’s Office of Career Planning and Development
Marietta Davis Vice President of U.S. Dynamics at Microsoft
Azizah Kahera Chief Operations Officer for Azizah Magazine



2000 Convention Center Concourse
College Park, Georgia, USA 30337
Ph: (770) 997-3566 Fax: (770) 994-8559


Conference Sessions - Working Descriptions

8:00AM  • JPMorgan Chase Breakfast

9:00AM – 8:00PM • Registration and Information

10:00AM – 11:00AM • Pre-Conference Session (2)

This Session's Speakers
(GICC – Swiss)
Recruiting Spelman STEM Students in the Digital Era
Mr. Harold Bell, Director, Office of Career Planning and Development, Spelman College

Dr. Carmen Sidbury, Associate Provost for Research, Spelman College

(GICC – Kenyan)
Getting the Most out of the Conference Using the Mobile App
Ms. Harriette Burrell, Founder and Managing Partner, H. Creative Group

Ms. Ingrid Scurry Lassiter, Assistant Director, Web Communications, Office of Communications, Spelman College

• Ms. Marica Wright, C’2016, Spelman College

• Ms. Britni Ruff, C’2016, Spelman College

• Ms. Khalia Braxton, C’2016, Spelman College

• Ms. Bianca Parrish, C’2016, Spelman College


(GICC – International Ballroom, Salon 1-3)
Get settled for an exciting overview of the conference.  This session will include a commentary on opportunities and challenges for New School Leaders in the Digital Era.

This Session's Speakers
Ms. Zarinah Mustafa, C’2016, President, 2015-16 Spelman Student Government Association

Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, President, Spelman College

Ms. Gina Hutchins, Corporate Industrial Engineering Training and Development Director, UPS

Ms. Delores Barton, VP and Chief Information Officer, Spelman College

Dr. Jane Smith, Executive Director, Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement, Spelman College, Conference Convener

12:15PM – 1:45PM • 2015 Academy of Game Changers Luncheon (SunTrust Bank)

(GICC – International Ballroom, Salon 4)
Get inspired as we honor dynamic visionaries driving the charge for women leaders into the information age. During the second installation of the Spelman College Academy of Game Changers, these honorees will be recognized for standing boldly at the forefront of creating and implementing viable leadership strategies in the digital space.

This Session's Speakers

Confirmed Program Participants
• Mistress of Ceremonies – Jovita Moore, Anchor, WSB-TV

• Invocation – Ms. Evan Joy McLaurin, C’2016, Spelman College

• Invocation – Ms. Micaela Hunter, C’2015, Spelman College

• Invocation – Ms. Jazette Johnson, C’2015, Spelman College

• Invocation – Ms. Imani Love, C’2016, Spelman College

• Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, President, Spelman College

• Dr. Jane Smith, Executive Director, Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement, Spelman College


Confirmed Game Changers
• Ms. Lynette Bell, First VP, and Community Development Manager, SunTrust Bank

Ms. Kimberly Bryant, Founder, Black Girls CODE

Ms. Sara Buchanan, Founder and CEO, Your Talent Bridge and My Job Connector

Ms. Jacqui Chew, Founder, iFusion Marketing

Ms. Marietta Davis, VP of Dynamics, Microsoft

Ms. Johnetta Elzie, Co-editor of the #Ferguson Protester Newsletter

Ms. Kathryn Finney, Managing Director/Founder, Digital Undivided

Ms. Chevara Orrin, Chief Creative Catalyst, EQ3 Media, LLC

Ms. Nicole Sanchez, Founder and CEO, Vaya Consulting

Ms. Lauren Wesley Wilson, President, ColorComm, Inc



2:00PM – 3:00PM • TWEET-UP (Social Justice & Civic Engagement)

Social Media’s Role in Social Justice Movements
The Tweet-up serves as a preview to the day 2 breakfast session, “New School Leaders: An Interactive Conversation on Civic Engagement  in the Digital Era.”  The Tweet-up will be a timely conversation about  the influence of social media in creating and sustaining social justice movements – locally, nationally and globally.  Follow the Tweet-up conversation at #SpelmanWOCC and @SpelmanWOCConf.

This Session's Speakers
Ms. Johnetta Elzie,

Ms. Banah Ghadbian, C’2015, Spelman Social Justice Fellow

Ms. Zarinah Mustafa, C’2016, President, 2015-16 Spelman Student Government Association

Moderator – Ms. Kia Smith, C’2004, Social Media Coordinator, Office of Communications, Spelman College

2:00PM – 3:30PM • WORKSHOPS (3)

(GICC – Swiss, Kenyan, German)
Intimate Conversations with Game Changers
Learn directly from the leaders paving the pathway in this rapidly-changing digital era. These captivating conversations will feature the newly-installed Spelman College Anniversary Academy of Game Changers. Hear their inspiring journeys as they reveal intimate details about the decisions, challenges and game-changing moments that catapulted them to success.

This Session's Speakers
Intimate Conversations with Game Changers
• Ms. Lynette Bell
• Ms. Kimberly Bryant
• Ms. Sara Buchanan
• Facilitator – Ms. Cheryl Ayers
• Student Assistant – Ms. Marica Wright, C’2016

Intimate Conversations with Game Changers
• Ms. Jacqui Chew
• Ms. Marietta Davis
• Ms. Kathryn Finney
• Facilitator – Dr. Cherry Collier
• Student Assistant – Ms. Arriyahna Patton, C’2018

Intimate Conversations with Game Changers
• Ms. Chevara Orrin
• Ms. Nicole Sanchez
• Ms. Lauren Wesley Wilson
• Facilitator – Ms. Cornelia Shipley
• Student Assistant – Ms. Shanice Robinson, C’2015


(GICC – International Ballroom, Salon 1-3)
New School Leaders: What Does it Take to Balance and Thrive in the Digital Era?
Discussing technology’s relevance and the “digital” paradigm shift is the most important conversation in leadership due to its direct impact professionally and personally. This critical session will provide the foundation for the conference by defining and exploring the concept of New School Leaders and the best practices they use to balance and thrive in the digital era.

This Session's Speakers
Ms. Lucy Chan, VP, Growth Markets Business Development and Global Services, IBM

Ms. Yvette Donado, SVP and Chief Administration Officer, ETS

Moderator - Dr. Lily Tang, Co-founder, The Everest Project

Host – Dr. DeKimberlen Neely, Associate Dean, Office of Undergraduate Studies, Spelman College

• Ms. Mya Harvard, C’2015, Spelman College


(GICC – Green Room)

5:00PM – 5:30PM • SPONSOR PHOTOS (Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum | Dr. Jane Smith)

(GICC – International Ballroom, Salons 1-3 | UPS, JPMC, SunTrust)


(GICC – East Ballroom Pre-function)
Take advantage of this exclusive networking opportunity to meet and mingle with conference honorees, speakers, sponsors and other participants.

This Session's Speakers
Confirmed Student Floaters
• Ms. Christine Singleton, C’2018
• Ms. Amina Shumake, C’2018
• Ms. Mackenzie Miller, C’2018
• Ms. Winter Beaton, C’2018
• Ms. Shanice Robinson, C’2015
• Ms. Arriyahna Patton, C’2018
• Ms. Chinyere Jones, C’2016
• Ms. Mya Harvard, C’2015
• Ms. Tiffany Wright, C’2016
• Ms. Khalia Braxton, C’2016
• Ms. Shanikwa Marsh, C’2016
• Ms. Reba Stanley, C’2016
• Ms. Chanice Lee, C’2016


(GICC – International Ballroom, Salon 4)
11th Annual Legacy of Leadership Awards Dinner
This always inspiring and elegant event culminates day one of the conference by celebrating the accomplishments of individuals and organizations transforming the face of leadership. This year’s honorees have driven the charge for the advancement of women of color in the digital age.

This Session's Speakers
Dr. Ayoka Chenzira, Founder and Director of the Digital Moving Image Salon, Spelman College, Awardee

Ms. Joanne Xu, Application Development Manager, UPS Supply Chain Solutions, AwardeeS

• Mistress of Ceremonies – Ms. Blayne Alexander, Reporter & Anchor, WXIA-TV

Invocation - Rev. Dr. Lisa Rhodes, Dean of the Chapel, Spelman College

Introduction – Ms. Christina Fennell, C’2016, Spelman College

Introduction – Ms. Julissa Hunte, C’2016, Spelman College

Dr. Jane Smith, Executive Director, Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement, Spelman College

Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, President, Spelman College

8:00AM – 9:15AM • BREAKFAST (JPMorgan Chase)

(Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway, Gateway Ballroom C)
New School Leaders: An Interactive Conversation on Leadership in the Digital Era
Technology and social media have quickly become driving forces in the way we share information and create change globally. #BringBackOurGirls, #Ebola and #ISIS were among the Top 10 Twitter Hashtags in 2014. #Ferguson was second on the list used more than 16.8 million times. These and other popular hashtags brought world-wide awareness to and ignited action around several social justice causes and other international issues. Engage directly with the speaker as we explore the importance and effects of technology and digital culture as it relates to leadership and social good.

This Session's Speakers
• Host -Ms. Jilo Tisdale, Director, Bonner Office of Community Service & Student Development, Spelman College

Therese Bechet Blake, Managing Director, Head of Corporate Sector Diversity, JPMorgan Chase

Ms. Zarinah Mustafa, C’2016, President, 2015-2016 Spelman Student Government Association

Ms. Johnetta Elzie, Co-editor of the #Ferguson Protester Newsletter

Ms. Audrey Arthur, Senior Media Specialist, Office of Communications, Spelman College

9:45AM – 10:45AM • MEDIA PANEL

(GICC – International Ballroom, Salon 1-3)
Media Convergence and the Influence of Digital Communications
The merging of traditional media and digital platforms have had an undeniable effect on how we receive, share and process information. From live-tweeting questions during national news broadcasts to viewing cell phone video like the one that captured Eric Garner’s untimely death at the hands of New York City police officers, technology has granted us instant access and direct engagement with media. Our panelists will examine the make or break reality of communicating in a 24/7 global news cycle and the new rules needed for responsible reporting in the digital era.

This Session's Speakers
Ms. Mary Hudetz, Editor, Native Peoples Magazine

Ms. Shelly Jones Jennings,Vice President of Digital, Black Enterprise

Ms. Nina Terrero, Correspondent, Entertainment Weekly

Ms. Doris Truong, The Washington Post

Moderator – Ms. Erin Coleman, Anchor, WSB-TV

Host -Ms. Joyce Davis, Director of Marketing, Office of Communications, Spelman College

11:00AM – 12:15PM • WORKSHOPS (3)

(GICC – Swiss, Kenyan, German)
New School Leaders: Diversity and Innovation
Overwhelmed by technology? You’re not alone. We’ll simplify it so you can understand the latest technology trends and identify the platforms, tools and best practices that fit your needs. Learn from some of the world’s most successful game-changers in these intimate, interactive workshops about how to create viable and effective leadership strategies in the digital era.

This Session's Speakers
Workshop 1: Crafting Your Identity in the Digital Era
Developing an identity in the digital age requires more than technological savvy. Establishing a personal brand offers an opportunity to create a strategic self-narrative that encompasses cultural and life experiences and counters negative portrayals and stereotypes of women of color. Facilitators will explore how “other-generated” narratives influence and limit identity development and examine the process of crafting an identity utilizing digital applications. Hear how a magazine has successfully created its own narrative in the media and learn how to create and implement a personal brand as a catalyst for empowerment.

Dr. Sherri Allen, Licensed Psychologist, Counseling and Psychological Services, Clayton State University

Ms. Azizah Kahera,Chief Operations Officer, Azizah Magazine

Facilitator – Dr. Cherry Collier

Student Assistant – Ms. KeyAndra Hodge, C’2017

Workshop 2: Entrepreneurship: Expanding Opportunities in the Digital
Social media has transcended beyond its “social” start becoming a powerful, influential tool in the business world and beyond. Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other digital platforms have quickly become game-changers for entrepreneurs providing exposure and visibility previously attainable by only large or lucrative corporations. This powerhouse panel of professionals will discuss how digital media has leveled the playing field for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Learn how to utilize technology and the social media world for marketing, direct engagement, and to increase sales for your business or brand. Come for a candid, interactive conversation with these expert influencers as they share the strategies, platforms and tools they use to achieve and sustain success in the digital world.

Ms. Lorraine Robertson, Author, Freelance Writer and Creator of

Ms. Shanti Das, Founder and CEO, Press Reset Entertainment

Ms. Renee Ross, Creator of

Ms. Ronnie Tyler, Co-creator,

Mr. Lamar Tyler, Co-creator,

Denene Millner, Founder and Editor,

Facilitator – Ms. Cornelia Shipley

Student Assistant – Ms. Chanice Lee, C’2016

Workshop 3: Increasing Diversity in Gaming and Digital Entertainment
There are 1.2 billion gamers in the global entertainment and media market, which is valued at $2.3 trillion—$680 billion in the United States. For decades people of color have been active consumers and participants in the gaming world. Studies show African-American youth log approximately 30 more minutes a day playing video games than Caucasian kids. Like many other STEM related fields people of color are heavily involved with the end result of the gaming and digital world but are grossly underrepresented behind the scenes. And women account for only 11 percent of game designers and 3 percent of programmers. Our panel of experts will focus on the need for increasing diversity in the gaming and digital entertainment industry.

Mr. Asante Bradford, Project Manager for Digital Entertainment & Media, Georgia Department of Economic Development

Dr. Jakita Thomas, Professor, Computer & Information Sciences, Spelman College

• Facilitator – Ms. Kunbi Tinuoye, Founder & CEO,

Student Assistant – Ms. Prenessa Lowry, C’2017


(GICC – International Ballroom, Salon 4)

This Session's Speakers
New School Leaders: Why Collaboration Matters
Don’t miss this impactful conversation with Kimberly Davis, LEADS Co-founder and Spelman president Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum as they discuss women, collaboration, diversity, conflict and the digital space.

Host -Ms. Pamela Carlton, Co-founder, LEADS at Spelman College & WOC Conference

Interviewer – Dr. Jane E. Smith, Conference Convener

Interviewee – Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, Founder, LEADS at Spelman College & WOC Conference

Ms. Tammy Harrington, Key Accounts Manager, Georgia Power

Ms. Ciara Shaw, C’2016, Spelman College

Students for Tribute
– Ms. Marica Wright, C’2015
– Ms. Chinyere Jones, C’2016
– Ms. Evan Joy McLaurin, C’2016
– Ms. Janine Ray, C’2016
– Ms. Jazmine Reliford, C’2016
– Ms. Shanikwa Marsh, C’2016
– Ms. Christina Fennell, C’2016
– Ms. Britni Ruff, C’2016
– Ms. Christine Singleton, C’2018
– Ms. Lizette Terry, C’2017


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